Wang Yibo was overworked and fell ill. Dili Reba was harassed.


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  • Dilireba is fearless, She is an independent young woman who knows how to tackle this kind of shits, But, Still, there should be proper screening and security for a female actress. I loved how she handled it well and got right back to the track. I wish that stalker get right punishment. I was shocked to see Lui Yifei knocked out. OMG! So shocked.

  • A mi hermoso bebé los altibajos suelen presentarse,en este caso un pequeño de salud,pero no te preocupe que estoy segura de que pronto te mejoraras que Dios te bendiga.¿po r favor más seguridad…

  • The guy is just a YouTubers maybe looking for views?

  • i started watching xiao zhan's ao3 case first and received so many hate from haters , i cried so hard when i listen to his song called spotlight then i scrolled and saw a post about wang yibo's birthday live and i am very very speechless because there were too many people hating him in his birthday live and he promised that he wont make another birthday live again. both xiao zhan and wang yibo has suffered like crazy because of haters and they stop posting instagram post until now. i am SO disappointed with all the haters. ARE YIBO AND XIAO ZHAN MESS YOUR LIFE?!! JUST STFU HATERS!!

  • Wow such a big live stage and he slid through. Glad the host took action quickly and she was such a pro. I guess it happened outside alot.

  • Hola después Bogotá Colombia saludo a WY Dios te bendiga cuidá tu salud deseo te mejores

  • Cuidate mucho por favor wang yibo

  • Espero que ya esté mejor y que no sea nada grave

    I hope it is better and that it is nothing serious

  • If you want to work for years steadily and successfully and not just be at top for 5 years, you should have a reasonable healthy schedule. you shouldn't burn out your body or else you end up looking like a 40 years old man at your late 20's! We don't stay young forever we should take that into consideration. I don't know if these idols choose their schedules themselves or their company decides for them, as their body of work is different from real actors who chose themselves as I noticed.
    Also the security is so weak it seems what are the bodyguards there for?!

  • Hopefully Yibo is always healthy. Take care of your health, Yibo …

  • Que prro miedo con ese acosador… Pero su agencia se hace la ciega o que onda y los de seguridad? Ahoritanojoven

  • How is he now? can't find any information about what happened or how he is doing.

  • The thing with C-ent and K-ent is that when artist from this two industry earn money it doesn’t go to their pocket directly but their agency. In short whatever money Yibo earns he will only end up getting about 40-50% or even less of it in physical sense or say in his account. Rest the agency cuts their commission then deducts his travel expenses, his manager pay, his assistants, his bodyguard pay, his car and xyz things. That’s why Artist work their head off and always take up work one after the other. I really feel bad because they should get the remuneration for their hard work but they are just paid peanuts at the end when they are actually the bread earner for their agency. The agency boast of giving them work but then they forget that star power also matters. Yeuhua is also known to even distribute Yibo’s earnings or resources for other artist in their agency. At one point Yibo didn’t have work at all and it was due to his hard work he is here and his agency is just cashing in on him now. I hope after his contract ends he can set up his own agency like all the other celebs have done in his country so that he can earn properly and get rest whenever he wants.

  • YiBo gege, you really need some rest and please take care of yourself and get well real soon. And the man… What the heck was he thinking?

  • Ho no!! Yibo por favor cuida de tu persona…TU PUEDES !!!!

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