Priligy vs Paroxetine for PE 💪

Priligy vs Paroxetine. This video looks at the difference between these medications and which one is better for PE.

PE (Premature Ejaculation) is the inability to control ejaculation, which always or nearly always occurs prior to or within about 1 minute of penetration. This causes embarrassment, low self esteem and relationship problems, affecting 20 to 40% of all men.

There are 4 subtypes of PE:
* Lifelong PE
* Acquired PE
* Variable PE
* Subjective PE

Lifelong PE is thought to be due to a neurobiological cause. Whereas acquired PE is commonly due to sexual performance anxiety, psychological or relationship problems, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, hyperthyroidism, or during withdrawal/detoxification from prescribed or recreational drugs.

The best evidence for treating PE is using a potent selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitor, such as Priligy or Paroxetine.

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I’m a kiwi doctor who wants to make it easier for people to fix common health problems. I work as a family doctor in New Zealand.
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22 comments On Priligy vs Paroxetine for PE 💪

  • I have got a question. Can i take canova 50 mg with paroxetine 30mg? i have tried 10 mg paroxetine b4 only but no effect. Then my urologist increased it to 20 mg..but i would go to 30 mg..pls advise if i can take both same day or each day a diff pill?? My urologist is useless.

  • Hi doc @Dr. Sam Bailey, so prilligy can be taken on demand and paroxitine should be taken daily or prilligy should be taken daily as well? And which one works better and safer? Have a nice day doc 😉

  • Thanks for your Short, clear and useful video but I have a Question (What about Duloxetine?) If I wanna use it for control Premature Ejaculation?

  • Wow,I loved your way of explaining.
    I just talked to my doctor today and got Paroxitin 20mg for PE. I am 34 and I have no erection problems but I last only 30 to 40 seconds in the bed 🙁
    How long can I last with paroxitin? Please answer (I forgot to ask this from the doc).

  • Hi Dr Baily, can you please clarify if you are talking about daily or on demand use? This critical point is often unclear in the research papers ive read. Really we need to see daily dapox vs on demand dapox vs daily parox vs on demand parox. My impression is that dapoxetine is usually prescribed on a on demand basis whereas paroxetine is more effective 20mg daily…would that be correct? Thank you 🙂

  • I did a Gold Rx search for Priligy and found nothing, but a search for Paroxetine revealed the drug to be reasonably priced here in the US. Gold Rx is an online search tool for good prices on medications here in the USA. Apparently, Priligy is not available here. Any comments?

  • Is paroxetine safe to take? Where can I find it?

  • I think priligy songs best for me where can I buy it and thanks for the awesome video

  • Hello dr sam. Could you please explain the way to start paroxetine. The starting dose. Should we take daily and for how many days. And if we want to quit taking it the way to say good bye. Please explain the ways to start and to quit as well. Thanks.

  • Hello doctor Sam. I am having PE from long time , I am still not reaching 30 yet . I have seen your video and I would like to try one medicine , which one do you recommend for me the most ? Thanks for your videos and sharing this with us .

  • MAM ,DOES Paroxetine helps in perimenopausal phase @early menopause at 40 plz reply..How long one can take paroxetine ..From age of 35 I am facing hormonal changes because of which I have undergone depression from which I recovered fast but still on medication. My age is 41.

  • I read your comments here and they are quite insightful.
    I have been doing my research since months on SSRI and PE.
    I live in Australia and my doctor has prescribed me "on demand" parextine 20mg, as i mentioned to her that i would only be engaging in a sexual activity once or twice a week.
    Now i get it it's all trail and error based and you have to try before getting to conclusions, i tried on demand and it did not really work, i tried taking it daily but 10 mg it works.
    Now for how long i should take it 10mg daily before going to lets say 3 times a week.
    What if in near future i am having sex 5 times a week and taking the tab just 3 times a week( after taking it daily for month), will it work?
    Or i have to just wait and try?

  • hi Dr. Sam,,,,,thank you so much for the great information 🙂

  • Hi Dr Sam Bailey, I''m from NZ too, I contacted PharmacyDirect and they said the following – "Priligy 30mg and 60mg was discontinued in NZ some time ago and can NOT be sourced." I've not been to the GP yet, but I think I'll say i'm looking for PE drugs and see if I can get Paroxetine. Is this true about Priligy in NZ? I'll ask my GP, but would be good to have your thoughts too.

  • Very nice video thanks for information

  • Is priligy is taken first thing in the morning or night time

  • I am very much affected by PE but three weeks ago i had great sex last for 30 min- both were so satified – all i remember i took tammolin, i drank one glass of beet root powder- bit of a pomegranite powder- i had a small cyst removed from shoulder on the same week- this week i tried the same except the surgery and it is not working. What could be the reason?what would have contributed for the great sex, any idea

  • Thank you doctor for the information.

  • So miss what can u recommend for PE and immediate effect in single use pill with no side me with these

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